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There are hundreds of silver-colored sunscreen umbrellas on the market. Which one is better?
1. Select the sunscreen umbrella to see the material first. The nylon texture and the opaque surface of the
There are hundreds of silver-colored sunscreen umbrellas on the market. Which one is better?
1. Select the sunscreen umbrella to see the material first. The nylon texture and the opaque surface of the umbrella are the best on the market. There are various materials on the umbrella surface, such as cotton, silk, nylon, plastic, chemical fiber and polyester. In recent years, our common sunscreen umbrellas on the streets are mainly made of two materials, one is called "chameleon" and the other is lace umbrella.
Chameleon's sunscreen umbrellas are expensive, ranging from a few hundred to nearly a thousand. They are said to have been treated with special UV protection to block more than 90% of the UV rays. In fact, the main fabric used by these umbrellas is nylon! Not yet processed. The manufacturer only uses the unique textile technology to realize the different colors of the front and the back, and adds the bright silk of different colors to realize the reflection effect when the umbrella surface rotates. It is because of this special technology that many manufacturers have made a hole.
Another type of sunscreen lace umbrella, the two years of lace umbrella is not only popular, it is just hot! However, such an umbrella is beautiful, but the sunscreen effect is not so impressive. Because lace does not have any UV protection function, it is necessary to rely on the following layer of umbrella surface to prevent UV rays, and the main material of the umbrella surface is nylon. So, what about the sunscreen effect of nylon? Nylon cloth will not be deformed, stained, and light, but for sun protection, it only reduces the penetration of light.
The sunshade has better sun protection effect, and the umbrella surface is thicker. The tighter the fabric, the better the UV resistance. Compared with cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester is more sunscreen. To know the sun protection effect of a parasol, try the sun. The darker the shadow, the lower the light transmittance, the better the sunscreen effect.
2. Dark umbrella is more UV resistant
In the case of the same fabric, the dark umbrella has a better UV protection effect, and the generally dark umbrella cloth can block 95% of the UVA. The reflective area of ​​the umbrella is large, and the inner surface of the umbrella cloth preferably has a black coating to avoid re-reflecting the UVA of the ground to the face.
3. Sun protection index
Mainly to look at the protection index, that is, UPF and UVA values, only UPF greater than 40, and UVA transmittance is less than 5%, can be called UV protection products, the greater the UPF value, the better its UV protection. Generally, most of the logos on the market are “UPF50+”, and their protection work
Can be enough.
4. The umbrella area is large
Ultraviolet light is irradiated from all directions, and the larger the area, the better the resistance. Therefore, it is best to open up and look at the size of the area.
5. The posture of the umbrella is particular. The shoulder umbrella is poor.
Will the posture of the umbrella affect the shading effect? According to the habit of the people in the real life, the reporter will be locked in the face, and then simulated in two upright and shoulder-shoulder postures, which compares the two umbrella positions which have better sun protection effect.
Through experiments, when people adopt the posture of standing upright, the umbrella covers a wider range. In addition to blocking the direct sunlight, the surrounding environment reflects less light to the face.
Therefore, in daylight, the erect umbrella is better than the scapula.