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Pair of parasols
There are hundreds of silver-colored sunscreen umbrellas on the market. Which one is better? 1. Select the sunscreen umbrella to see the material first. The nylon texture and the opaque surface of the
Advertising sun umbrella, tent disassembly considerations
Outdoor advertising umbrellas are divided into advertising tents and advertising umbrellas, tents are also promotional tents, four-legged tents, outdoor tents, etc., advertising umbrellas are also cal
Optimistic about the Chinese umbrella industry
Modern building shades play an increasingly important role in the field of building energy efficiency. According to the data, the building energy saving obtained by window shading is 10%~24%, while th
Roman umbrella features
1. The rotating umbrella can be made into a square rotating umbrella 2.5*2.5m, a square rotating umbrella 3*3m, a circular rotating umbrella (diameter: 3m), unique in shape, quite fashionable design,
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